History Essay 126-129

The Lightswitch: Well with the lightbulb last time, I saw this coming. The lightswitch was very important in everyday life.

  Before the light switch to turn on and off a lightbulb you had to do something very annoying. You had to get a ladder and unscrew the lightbulb to stop the circuit. Or re-screw the lightbulb to turn the light on.  John Henry Holmes (1857-1935), invented the lightswitch in 1884. The light switch is very cool, it has an arm that is connected to the switch. The arm has wires that when in a certain position allows power to flow through. This power reaches the lightbulb and turns it on. When the switch is in the other position it breaks the circuit and stops the flow of power. If you listen very closely when you turn on the light, you may hear a click. That means the circuit is connected. Most light switches have an engraving on the switch that says on or off, depending on what position the switch is in.

  I love the light switch, it is awesome. But un-screwing the lightbulb each time I want to turn on the light, that would get annoying. What if I had been using the lightbulb and it was hot, then it burnt my hand, ever think of that?

Skyscraper: Ooh, the skyscraper. We all know about the skyscraper, but did you know who, and how, it was invented?

  As the human population became larger, it took more room to house all of them. But cities were running out of room, they needed buildings to go up not out. Well, it started to happen with steel, concrete, and the safety elevator. But the load-bearing walls needed to be thicker to hold the extra weight, but the first, second, and third floors of the building became smaller. That was bad, and everyone wanted a new way of holding up buildings.

 Baron Jenney (September 25, 1832 – June 14, 1907), invented the skyscraper in a funny Eureka! moment. He was at home with his wife and they were moving some stuff around. Then Jenney’s wife put a very heavy book on a birdcage. The cage sat there like nothing was happening. So Jenney took the book off then dropped the book on the birdcage a bunch. He turned to his wife and said “This is it! This is how we do it!”. He invented the first skyscraper, which by nowadays standards weren’t very tall, only 10 stories tall. This allows humans to live in tall buildings, and allows cities to house more people since they could build up.

  I would be fine if my first floor was small, It just needed enough room for a walkway and an elevator. I’d use the upper floors for everything else.

Dishwasher: Ok, maybe I can tolerate this. It actually is a bit sad, how it was invented. The inventor had a pretty sad life.

  Before the dishwasher was invented it was really hard to clean dishes. You had to do them all by hand and that took a while, and was hard. People built a whole room dedicated to dish washing called the scullery. The floor was 4 inches then the actual house so if it flooded it wouldn’t ruin the house. The floors were also made of a waterproof material so that it wouldn’t get ruined. In front of the sink there were holes to let water out in case of a spill, or a flood.

  Josephine Cochrane (March 8, 1839 – August 3, 1913), invented the dishwasher in 1886. Cochrane was wealthy, and she hosted parties a lot. She wanted a machine to wash dishes faster than her servants, and won’t break them. She measured the dishes first, then she made wire compartments, each designed to fit plates, cups, or saucers. Though only restaurants and hotels showed interest in the first 10 years. Her husband then died and left her with a bunch of debt, and she lost her wealthyness. But when the 1950’s rolled around, the dishwasher became a standard home appliance. 

  Personally the dishwasher is amazing, Our dishwasher broke once and we had to do everything by hand. Though, if my fancy china dishes broke because of one of my employees, I’d cry.

Electromagnetic Waves: This is not really an invention, so this section may or may not be short.

  Electromagnetic waves are pretty cool, and are very important in everyday life. We use them in the radio, in x-rays, and many other things. This also lets us see colors, which is cool. Do you know how these waves are formed? They are formed when an electric field collides with a magnetic field, hence giving it the name ‘electromagnetic’. James Maxwell (13 June 1831 – 5 November 1879), came up with electromagnetic waves, but it was Heinrich Hertz (22 February 1857 – 1 January 1894), who proved that electromagnetic waves were real. The unit of frequency of a radio wave -one cycle per second- is named a hertz. 

  Sorry no silly comments here 😦 😦

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History Essay 121-124

Lightbulb: Of course the lightbulb, something we use everyday. I am using this item right now.

  Before the lightbulb there really wasn’t any way to make electric, safe light. People invented carbon light, but it was way too bright and harsh for small spaces. Next came the gas light, it was much more pleasant then the carbon light but it made a weird smell. Nobody could come up with a great light, at least until Thomas Edison (February 11, 1847 – October 18, 1931), came around.

  Thomas invented the first commercially successful electric light in 1879. He experimented with 3,000 different mixes until he finally came up with the best one. He hired people to sit around and combine different elements. He knew that his employees had the most boring job in history, but they were getting paid and that is all that mattered. 

  He made a big boom in the power industry, he also invented a power grid. Though as A.C. power rose to the top, a man named J.P Morgan (April 17, 1837 – March 31, 1913), took over the company and kicked Edison out of the business. 

Edison’s claim to fame was the inventor of the light bulb, but he invented many more items.

  I would not want to be Edison’s employee if all I did was mix different chemicals together all day. What if one exploded in my face?

Cash Register: This is still being used but digital payment is taking over. The reason we still need this is because people still use cash. So without it, they would have to throw the money on the floor or in the garbage, so no one would steal it.

  Before the cash register, people had cash drawers to put the money in. But this added the impulse to steal the money, since it was right in the open. The money was just sitting in the open, it wasn’t locked or anything. Sometimes the employees missed a transaction and the customer got free goods. Or the employees just deliberately stole from the business. Store owners had to keep an eye on their employees, and run the store, which is pretty hard.

  James Ritty (29 October 1836 – 29 March 1918), invented the cash register in 1883. He lived peacefully until the Civil War broke out. He enlisted in the army for 4 years. He rose up the ranks and left the army as a captain. After the war he opened a saloon. But as a lot of store owners his employees kept stealing from him. He went on a trip to Europe, and he saw a machine that counted when the propeller had done one full rotation. This is what helped him come up with the cash register.

  If my employees stole from me I’d walk up to them and fire them on the spot. I would also take my money back.  

Thermometer: ACHOO! Uhh, sorry you guys caught me at a weird time. I apologize for the sneeze but it’s really hard to stop a sneeze.  

  Before the thermometer you had to turn the furnace on and off manually. I’m not even sure if they had furnaces like we do. This made the winters hard, the summers also were harsh. Everyone wanted an automated way of turning on the furnace, so they didn’t have to.

  Santorio Santorio (March 29, 1561 – February 22, 1636), is commonly credited for inventing the first thermometer, though its normal usage appeared in the 17th and 18th century. The thermometer uses mercury to gauge the temperature, mercury is very dangerous if you touch it, that is why it is inside glass. Digital thermometers are now much more common, they are helpful because you can program them to turn on and off at s=certain times. Smart thermometers are appearing and they “learn” your air conditioner patterns, then after a few weeks they do it on their own.

  I love thermometers but what if they didn’t use mom in the name. What if they were called therdadeters?

Steam Turbine: The steam turbine is pretty cool, they are what power nuclear power plants (and the uranium). 

  Before the steam turbine, the use of steam was common. But no one could generate power using it. And as the industry expanded, power was becoming much harder to produce. Charles Parsons (13 June 1854 – 11 February 1931), invented the steam turbine in 1884. A steam turbine works by pumping steam into the turbine at very fast speeds. When it slams into the turbine it loses its energy but pushes the turbine. The next stages turn when the less powerful steam hits it. After the 8 turbines are turned, the water vapor is pulled up a pipe and put back into the heat for round 2. Nuclear power plants use this, the uranium gets super hot and boils water. That hot water makes steam which is sucked into a pipe and does what I said above.

  What if the water rusted the turbine? Wouldn’t it fail, and they would have to fix it. Those turbines cost 10 million dollars. Though, I bet they thought of that.

English Essay 51-54

I am going to review what has been happening in The Cat of Bubastes.

The Cat of Bubastes takes place in ancient egypt. The Rebu people are being attacked by the Egyptians. The next attack they think can defend against, but they still lose. The king of the Rebu is killed. The Egyptians conquer the Rebu nation. The prince of Rebu, Amuba is carried away as a prisoner. His charioteer, Jethro is also taken. Amuba becomes the servant and companion to Chebron, the high priest of Osiris. The boys flee when they accidentally kill the successor to the Cat of Bubastes, one of the most sacred animals. 

  That is what has been happening in the book, when I read that they killed the Cat of Bubastes, I was like, “Uh Oh”. This death will definitely play a role in the book, because the Egyptians will search for the men who killed a sacred animal. I hope that the boys won’t get caught because I like them. Maybe the ghost of the cat will haunt them, that would be a great twist. 

  This book is very interesting, and the boys hopefully won’t get caught anytime soon. I don’t really have anything else to say so I guess that this is 

The End

  Though what would happen if the boys did get caught? What would happen to them? They probably would be executed for their crimes. Maybe they would put in a dungeon for the rest of their lives. There are a lot of possibilities for this book and it will be very hard to guess. What if the boys get away freely, live great lives, and Amuba becomes king of New Rebu. Hey, that rhymes. The new Rebu idea actually seems pretty awesome. I doubt the boys will be caught, but if they are, they will find a way to escape. 

English Essay 46-49

  I’m going to write about what I like to do after school in my free time. There are a few things i like to do so here they all are.

  1. I like to make my own Marvel Champion decks because I have a whole lot of marvel villains and characters to choose from. I have played this game and it is awesome. I recommend that you check this game out even if you only watch someone play it. I have built Phoenix from the X-men, I am now making a campaign box with 3 new villains, and 2 new heroes. The villains will be Juggernaut, Toad, and Magneto. The new heroes will be Phoenix, Storm, and Cyclops. 
  1. I also am thinking about making a D&D book, so that will be something that may take up some free time. The book will be about a dwarf and a barbarian. They will track down the evil trio of beholders who have terrorized the city nearby for many years. The barbarian had a run in with the beholders and they killed his family. That is why he wants to kill them, to avenge his family.
  1. The last thing I do is the things above while watching a YouTube channel called Jelle’s Marble Race. He is super awesome and he races marbles. He also says that some of his marbles stopped because of “fatigue”. I won’t completely talk about him and let you see for yourself.

Those are all the things I like to do in my free time.

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History Essay 116-119

Telephone: I’m going to be talking about the old telephone not the new “cell phones”. There is a large difference between the two.

  Before the telegraph someone may send you a letter, but you may get it a week later and the news would be old. Samuel Morse (April 27, 1791 – April 2, 1872), got a letter that his wife died, but he received a letter that she was feeling better a day ago. He rushed home only to find that they had already held the funeral a few days ago. This is what made him invent the telegraph so no one would have to suffer like he did. The telegraph was in morse code (named after Morse), and it sent messages 100x faster than a letter. It was still a bit of a slow process, that meant everyone needed a faster method of communication.

  Alexander Graham Bell (March 3, 1847 – August 2, 1922), had 2 brothers but both of them died from tuberculosis when he was 24. Bell was Scottish, and his first invention came when he was only 12. His best friend Ben, lived at a flour mill, and he always talked about how hard it was to remove the husk from the grain (when I heard that I thought it said “it was hard to remove the husk from the brain”). So he invented a simple dehusking device that was used at that mill for many years. Ben’s father gave both the boys a small workshop for “inventing”. The reason Bell studied acoustics was because his mother was becoming deaf. He first sat by her side and tapped out a silent conversation. Then he figured out that if he spoke directly into her forehead she could hear him pretty well. He invented the telephone in 1876. He also co-founded the American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T).

  I would be very sad if my wife died randomly. I’d probably just sit on my bed, cry, eat the letter, cry some more, and eat more of the letter. Then I’d go back home. 

  The Carpet Sweeper: I didn’t even know this existed until today so it may be shorter than normal. I also bet you’ve never heard of this either. People still use it though, even if they can just use a vacuum.

  A carpet sweeper is a device made for cleaning carpets, as in the name. They were very popular before the introduction of the vacuum cleaner. After that, the usage declined a lot. They still are used today, mainly because they are lightweight and quiet. This allowed people to quickly clean up messes without disturbing patients, babies, or pets.

  Melville Reuben Bissell (September 25, 1843 – March 15, 1889), invented and patented the carpet sweeper in 1876. He got the idea from his wife when she talked about the hassle of getting sawdust from out of the carpet (though what were they doing if there was sawdust in the carpet). So Bissell invented the carpet sweeper as a way to make that job easier. He died of pneumonia in 1889, his wife Anna Bissell, took over the company. She became America’s first female corporate chief executive officer (or CEO).

  The carpet sweeper is a non-electric vacuum cleaner. It has a brush on the bottom that rolls as you push the sweeper forward. There are bristles on the roller that flicks the dirt into a container inside the sweeper. The sweeper was also easily emptied.

  I wonder what the Bissell’s were doing that made sawdust get into the carpet. Hopefully they didn’t turn their house into a sawmill. Because if I lived there I’d get cut into pieces in the first few days.

Phonograph: I gotta stop saying that the sections will be short because they never are. 

  A phonograph is a device for the purpose of recording and replaying sound. The phonograph in the 1940’s became the record player, which is much more known than the phonograph. You want to know something awesome? You know the bumps on the highway that make a whole bunch of noise if you start to drift? People made those bumps in the perfect position to play songs. One of those songs was the imperial march. That example is basically like a record player.

  The phonograph was invented by Thomas Edison (February 11, 1847 – October 18, 1931), in 1877. How a record is played is by a needle that runs along the record and when it moves over the grooves it vibrates the needle. This vibration creates a sound that you hear as music. I don’t particularly know how people make records but I do have a guess. I think that they make records by taking a flat, smooth record disc and etch the grooves on the record, in the perfect formation to play music.

  I don’t like hearing my voice in morden phones, so some old 1877 device would make my voice sound even worse.

  Motion Pictures: Movies, seriously? If you are older than 4 years old, you probably have been to the movies before. This will be mostly about the history.

  Before the motion picture, going somewhere to relax and watch something was very hard. The idea of a video that played, was like a dream. With Edison’s phonograph people started making new ways of showing pictures that you could see. 

  Eadweard Muybridge (9 April 1830 – 8 May 1904), invented the motion picture after taking more than 100,000 images of animals and people in motion. This led him to design the motion picture. Thomas Edison met Muybridge and they partnered together, so they combined the phonograph and the motion picture to make a sound producing movie. Edison invented the Kinetoscope, a device that is a movie in a box. You paid a bit of money and looked through a peephole and you saw a film. This device became wildly successful, making Edison richer than he already was. 

  There were usually 10 films next to each other, and they all cost a nickel. Meaning for only 50 cents you could watch all ten movies. Edison’s lab produced hundreds of short films to put on the new kinetoscope. 

  One of the most successful movies, Gone by the Wind, was shown at an old time movie theater. The new record of most successful movies is now Avengers: Endgame, Which is also the highest grossing movie of all time. Pushing Avatar off the throne, Avatar had been king for over 10 years in 2009. It was dethroned in 2019 when the endgame was produced. Though Endgame only made about 7 million dollars more than Avatar. The record now to beat is $2,797,800,564, Avatar made $2,790,439,000. I haven’t seen Avatar before so I should probably watch that. 

  The Kinetoscope is pretty cool, but in the picture of people using the kinetoscope, they show the people leaning over to look inside the peephole. So that would probably cramp your back right? 

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History Essay 111-114

Riveted Blue Jeans: Alright, the rivet is an add-on to the standern jeans. I bet you have seen this type of jean because it is pretty common.

  As the railroads expanded the companies needed more people to lay down the tracks. The problem was the workers pants were not tough enough to withstand the work, so they tore. This led to a lot of money being spent on new pants. We needed new working pants.

  Jacob Davis (1831–1908), made the first blue jeans on May 20, 1873. The jeans became so popular that he couldn’t produce them fast enough. He thought that with the jeans’ popularity he should patent them, but he didn’t have enough personal capital to do that. Though he knew someone who did. Levi Strauss (February 26, 1829 – September 26, 1902), partnered with Jacob and they patented the jeans together

  I haven’t told you what the jeans do so that is what i’ll do right now. Riveted jeans make the weak points in normal jeans much stronger. They do this by putting a metal pin that fastens the two areas together, making them much harder to tear.

  I am very glad that I wasn’t a track layer, because it would be so embarrassing if my pants ripped and everyone saw my underwear. Though I could have a good laugh if it was someone else. 

Fire Sprinkler: The fire sprinkler is an invention that is in most commercial buildings like, grocery stores, factories, and warehouses.

  Fires are the most primitive idea of life, but they are dangerous. It was hard to put them out once they got started. Fire extinguishers were a thing, but they couldn’t put out large amounts of fire. And the fire spread too fast and made it even harder to put out the fires. So the world needed a better method of putting out fires.

  Henry Parmelee (1846 – 1902), invented the fire sprinkler in 1874, he was the president of Fair Haven and Westville Street Railway Company. He was a piano maker, but as he made pianos fire broke out and ruined his work. So he came up with the first fire sprinkler to protect his products. This idea became popular and lots of places began to use them. Frederick Grinnel (August 14, 1836 – October 21, 1905), made a better version of Parmelee’s sprinkler and he became more successful than Parmelee.

  I really don’t have a whole lot to say about this, so there will be no comedy at the end. Sorry 😦 

QWERTY Keyboard: Seriously, I’m writing about something I’m using, Maybe you don’t know the history. Well it looks like i’m gonna write about the qwerty design of the modern keyboard.

  So before the qwerty keyboard typewriters couldn’t type as fast. If you typed too fast the arms would swing up and get tangled and jam. The problem could be fixed easily but it was really annoying. Many keyboards tried to fix this but no design could completely fix the problem.

  Christopher Sholes (February 14, 1819 – February 17, 1890), invented the qwerty keyboard in 1868. According to a popular myth, Sholes arranged the keys in an odd way to prevent jamming on a mechanical typewriter. He did this by separating commonly used letter combinations. Eliphalet Remington (October 28, 1793 – August 12, 1861), was the guy who made guns for the Civil War, needed something to make profits after the war ended. He entered the typewriter business and was one of the first people to use the qwerty layout on typewriters.

  I am very very sorry but this is an invention that I can’t come up with something funny to say about. Hopefully I will have a good comedy at the end of the next part. Sawwy (P.S. the word is pronounced Saw- Wee).

  Dental Drill: I may have something funny to say but I don’t know. People always talk about the Good Ol’ Days, and how they were better than the present, (In this whole COVID thing the past is better than the present). But with modern tech, going to the dentist is way better than the past. So if you think going to the dentist is a nightmare, be happy that you aren’t 200 years in the past.

  Before the dental drill, if you got some decay in your tooth you needed to get it out before it ruined your whole tooth. But teeth are hard, like super hard. It was hard to get the decay out without hurting the patient. People tried to do this but it was hard. The first sorta successful version was a wind up drill. The problem was that you had to crank it a lot and while you were cranking it it slipped. The next version was a pedal that you had the push with your foot to make the drill go. 

   George Green (1911–1977), put electricity and the drill tighter to make the first modern dental drill in 1875. He patented the device and many people tried to make a good drill without using his method but none succeeded. After the patent wore off many people made their own version.

  If I was the patient getting my tooth drilled and they missed and cut into my gums I’d take the drill, tape them to the chair, and drill their gums as revenge (Though only for how long they drilled my gums, and was duct tape even a thing back then?).