If I was Stranded on and Island, What “Strange Item” would I want?

Hi, today I am going to write about this: If I was stranded on a deserted island, what “stage item” would I want?

  It would have to be a 3dprinter because I could print tools and utensils. The hardest part of the 3dprinter would be making my ink. I would have to make my ink out of bamboo and wood. Oh yeah, let’s all pretend that the 3dprinter doesn’t need power. My 3dprinter would print my bowls and utensils first, then other stuff later. The Swiss Family Robinson (which is the book I am reading right now), had guns on their ship when they crashed. So I am also going to have guns and other stuff too.

 After I perfected the recipe for my ink, I would make a fishing rod and a net for myself. I wouldn’t use the 3dprinter, I would make the net out of bamboo and the fishing rod out of bamboo too. The wire for the fishing rod would be made out of coiled up bamboo bark. I would then use the 3dprinter to make a knife and my very own bullets. The bullets would be made of 3dprinted cover and the rest of the bullet, but the tip would be made of sharped and hardened, rock. 

  I don’t know how well that would work, but whatever. I would use my knowledge of sharpening to make myself a spear. It would be very important because I could stab the fish in my net. I would make a spit to allow me to cook the fish fillet over my fire. Fish would probably be my most common food until I can farm animals. I eventually would print armor out of the strongest ink I could make. I would also have three ink types; RB2, BW1, and RWL3. These were all types of ink I could make. 

RB1 is Rock (R), Bamboo (B), and the 2 tells me the difficulty of acquiring the ink. BW2 is Bamboo (B), Wood (W), and a 1 difficulty. 

RWL3 is Rock (R), Wood (W), Leather (L), and a 3 difficulty.

  This is what I would do if a “strange item” appeared on the stranded island that I was on. I hope everyone liked this essay, and if you did please leave a little like, and maybe consider becoming a follower. I am trying to reach 25 followers by the end of the year and we are getting close. Anyway, Thanks for Reading!

History Essay, King Arthur and Early England

Hey, Today I am going to write about King Arthur and Early English. 

  King Arthur was an iconic figure and still is today. He is recognized in our culture for his chivalry and bravery. In one of the major battles against the Anglo-Saxons, King Arthur killed almost 1,000 men single-handedly. You can tell you are having a good day when your king kills 1,000 men. By the way, the Anglo-Saxons were a Germanic tribe that started inhabiting England from the 5th century onward. 

  King Arthur was a boy when he pulled Excalibur out of the stone. He did it when his brother’s sword broke and he asked Arthur for a new sword. None of the other kings could pull the sword out of the stone too. King Arthur had many friends such as Guinevere and Merlin. King Arthur’s final battle was against Mordred, and apparently, both Mordred and King Arthur were killed in the battle. Some people don’t believe that King Arthur was real, but who knows, it was hundreds of years in the past. I do believe that King Arthur existed, and if any can prove me wrong, I will be perfectly fine.

  Early England was first inhabited by the Anglo-Saxons before Rome conquered part of it. England was called Gaul, someone built a wall across England to keep the Anglo-Saxons out of the Roman territories. The Roman’s never fully conquered England because the Anglo-Saxons had control of the top-right of England. Eventually, as Rome was being beaten, They had to lose their control of England to defend the capital and other important places.

  I hope everyone liked this essay, and if you did please leave a little like, and maybe consider becoming a follower. I am trying to reach 25 followers by the end of the year and we are getting close. Anyway, Thanks for Reading!

Someone Who Has Shaped My Life With Teachings and Examples

  Hi, today I am going to write about someone who has shaped me by their teaching and example.

  It would have to go to my dad, because he most certainly has shaped me. He literally has a part of our whiteboard that is just life lessons. I find that kinda funny, but also sometimes helpful. He has also shaped me by his examples of stuff. Like his example of doing something a bit too much. Like playing his bass, he plays that thing as much as he can. IHe has the hardest job, because the bass makes a whole lot of songs sound better. So my brother Oli is playing the piano and he has asked my dad to play a song with him. I play guitar, but I haven’t asked my dad to play anything with me. Mainly because I haven’t found a song that I want to play with him yet.

  My dad also knows a whole bunch of stuff, so whenever I need help I just ask him. I think that he has done a whole bunch for me. He is doing a whole of songs on his bass. Some of them are easy, but most of them are hard. He also makes really funny jokes, and voices. He definitely has shaped how I live, but I really can’t gauge how much. It’s one of those hard things to gauge, you just have to guess. I’d assume that it would be pretty high. My dad’s teachings have definitely shaped me too. He has done a whole lot of stuff for me and I love that. I also know that it is really cheesy to end with a happy ending, I am also out of paper, so I guess that it is 

The End 😉

How Meteorologists Predict the Weather

Hi, today I am going to write about how meteorologists predict weather.

  First of all, why the heck are they called meteorologists, they don’t study meteors. So, they use radar, and satellite images, to see what the weather is doing. They can look at past time satellite images and guess what the weather will do in the future. Radar also helps them predict the weather. Doppler radar is a tower with a white ball on top. On the inside of the ball is a satellite dish that rotates around the ball. It tilts just a bit so that it covers the entire ball. All that data is sent to the weather station where people look at it. If a thunderstorm has a hook-shape, it is possible for a tornado at the tip of the hook. It of course, does not have to produce a tornado, but may. Once they see the data they send out watches and warnings to the area if needed.

  Thanks for Reading! 🙂

If I Could Live Anywhere, Where Would It Be and Why

  Hi, today I am going to write about: If I could live anywhere, where would it be and why.

  If I could live anywhere, it would probably be London, England. I really like London because of the Big Ben, and the London Eye ride. Also, London is in England and I really like that place. I especially like the English accent because it sounds kinda funny. The sirens for their cops also sound a hundred times better than the sirens here in the U.S. I think those double-decker buses are really cool, and look much better than the ones here. London also goes all the way back to Roman times, so I would assume that there is some awesome history there. 

 The first thing that I would do when I get there is go to bed. The flight from DFW to the London airport is 9 hours, so a pretty long flight. After that, we would take a ride on the London Eye, and see a bunch of stuff. Next we would hopefully take a bus to Buckingham Palace, and maybe get a tour. There would be so many things to do, I don’t think I could fit it in a 3-4 day trip. I would want to ride the bus a whole lot, because they are just so cool. I wonder if you can go into the Big Ben? After that we would probably go back to the hotel for that day.

  Once I woke up we would find a breakfast place to go eat at. Then ride a boat on the river that goes through London. We next would just wander around to look at all the cool places. While we were wandering we may hear a English siren! I wonder what a English fire-truck looks like. Just looked it up and it doesn’t look very different to the ones in the U.S. The buildings in London are all boxed up with a big garden in the middle. See, there is so many cool things in England!

  This is why and where I would live if I could live anywhere. Thanks for Reading!

My Favorite Character From the Stormlight Archive

  What’s up, today my English essay will be about Kaladin, my favorite character in the Stormlight Archive. 

  Kaladin started in Amaram’s army, and was the squad leader. His brother Tien joined Amaram’s army too, so Kaladin joined to protect Tien. When they were fighting Tien was killed. Kaladin couldn’t tell his parents that he failed, so he didn’t. Kaladin killed a Shardbearer, and if you kill a Shardbearer, you get their old Shardblade and Shardplate. Kaladin hated lighteyes, which you become one if you take a Shardblade or Plate. So Kaladin gave the Shards to his best warrior and left. Amaram killed his friends and took the Shards for himself, he also gave Kaladin a slave brand. 

  Kaladin arrives at the Shattered Plains, and is put on Bridge Four. Gaz, the commander of Bridge Four, doesn’t give him good clothes. That is because he is at the front of the bridge, and will probably get killed. Kaladin’s first run goes terribly, and he is the only one who doesn’t die in the front row. He learned a few of Bridge Four’s members’ names too. A few of them are called Rock, and Teft. They are used to put bridges across the canyons to let the army across to fight the Parshendi. He was a surgeon as a kid and helps a few of Bridge Four’s members.

  After a while he learned that he has cool powers. He can stick things together and call arrows to himself. He uses a thing called Stormlight to use his powers, and Stormlight is found in their money. Saedes and Dalinar try to destroy the Parshendi together, but Saedes bails on him. Dalinar almost is destroyed but Kaladin and Bridge Four come to the rescue.  Kaladin uses his new powers to help him fight the Parshendi. They fight off the Parshendi and get back home safely. Saedes says that there were too many and he had to retreat, but he is lying. Navani knows that something happened other than the lies. Eventually Dalinar gets back all beaten and tattered. He exposes Saedes’s lies, but does not fight him. Dalinar trades his Shardblade for all of the bridgemen, including Kaladin. Kaladin and Bridge Four become bodyguards, and like their new life. Moash, one of Kaladin’s friends, wants to kill the king with Kaladin, but he doesn’t do it.

  I hope you liked everything, it was fun to write too. Thanks! I also recommend reading the Stormlight Archive, it is an awesome series.

Science, Tornados

  Hey, I am going to talk a bit about tornadoes.

  A funnel cloud is a rotating funnel-shaped cloud. It usually is formed during a supercell thunderstorm, and once touching the ground or water, is considered a tornado. A funnel cloud does not have to touch the ground. A part of the supercell can rotate so much that you can see with the naked eye that its rotating, It has a softness and curve to the cloud. You can tell that the funnel cloud has touched down when you see the debris rotating at the base. If you are under the base of the cloud then the tornado will touch down closer to you. Unless you know what you are doing, you should never leave your safe place during a tornado warning, or confirmed touch-down. 

  Scientist’s can tell a tornado’s strength using the Enhanced Fujita Scale.

EF-0 (65-85 mph, 104-136 kph), It has mild damage.

EF-1  (86-110 mph, 138-177 kph), It has moderate damage.

EF-2 (111-135 mph, 178-217 kph), It has a considerable amount of damage.

EF-3 (136-165 mph, 218-265 kph), It has severe damage.

EF-4 (166-200 mph, 267-321 kph), It has devastating damage. 

EF-5 (200+ mph, 321+ kph), It has incredible amounts of damage.

  It is almost impossible to measure the actual wind speed of a tornado, mainly because they can destroy almost any unprotected weather equipment in their path. People have come up with equipment and vehicles that can withstand a tornado, but it would take too much time to deploy the equipment for every tornado.

  This is a small essay about tornados and how we study and can protect ourselves from these amazing natural disasters.  

Science Essay, the Four Main Types of Clouds

  I am going to talk about how clouds form, and the 4 main types of clouds.

  Cirro-Form: Made of ice crystals, cirro-form clouds are whitish and look like hair. They are the high, wispy clouds that first appear before a low-pressure area such as a tropical system such as a hurricane.

  Cumulo-Form: They look like white, fluffy cotton balls. They show vertical motion of air in the atmosphere. They are usually dense in appearance. The base of cumulus clouds are generally flat and occurs at the height where the moisture in rising air condenses.

  Strato-Form: From the latin word for “layer”, these clouds look like a blanket in the sky. They are the result of non-convective rising air. The edges of these Strato-form clouds are very soft.

  Nimbo-Form: A special rainy cloud which combines the 3 forms Cumulo, Cirro, and Stratus. This cloud is called Nimbus, which is the latin word for rain (seems like a lot of these words come from latin). Most of the precipitation comes from these Nimbo-form clouds.

The War of Sea and Death

  Hey, I have been reading a book about Greek myths. So now I have to write my own story about Greek myths. The name of the short story is called, The War of Sea and Death. It is about Hades and Poseidon fighting, but that is all the spoilers I’ll give you.

  Poseidon was sitting in his palace, zapping any seahorses that came too close. He was mad, because he was just thrown off Mount Olympus for disagreeing with Zeus. They were talking about all the gods’ domain, because Hades wanted more than just the underworld. So Zeus said that maybe Hades should become the god of the sea, and Poseidon become the god of the underworld. Poseidon didn’t like the idea and got mad at Zeus for removing him from the ocean. When Poseidon started yelling at Zeus, Zeus said, “I was considering not taking the ocean from you. But now I have made up my mind.”

  Poseidon was so mad he turned on Hades and attacked him with his trident. He didn’t get close before he was being hurled off Mount Olympus by Zeus’s winds. He fell back into the ocean and swam to his palace to prepare for war against Hades. “Sir,” a merman said to Poseidon, “We are armed and ready to fight.” Poseidon nodded and asked the merman to come close. “What is your name, merman,” Poseidon said.

“Trosced,” the merman replied, a slight tremble in his voice. 

“Trosced, you are now the army’s general. I promise to disintegrate the old general for you.” 

“Th-Thanks, I will not disappoint you.” Trosced said and swam away.

  Poseidon called one of his servants to bring him the old general. 

  “Yes Sire, you needed me.” 

  “Yes, I did need you, to die!” And Poseidon shot a bolt at the old general and turned him to dust, the last thing on his face was surprise and sadness. Poseidon got one of his cans and scooped up the dust to feed the baby merman and mermaids. After he had finished that, he swam to the barracks to check on the soldiers. General Trosced was walking by the troops teaching them how to fight and dodge. 

  Poseidon saw Trosced wave to him and walked over to Trosced. “Hey Poseidon, did you kill the old general?” 

“Yes, I was on my way to give his dust to the nursery workers.” Poseidon said, and showed the dust to Trosced. He left the barracks and walked to the armory to see if the workers needed any help. They didn’t need anything so he went to the nursery and dropped off the dust. Poseidon knew he had the advantage when fighting Hades, because Hades’s skeletons couldn’t swim. He had water bombs that he had developed for a few millennia.The bombs exploded boiling hot water on everything in a hundred meter (about 328 feet), radius. The water was 600 degrees fahrenheit (about 315 celsius). When the water touches the cold ocean it blows up in a massive explosion, destroying all of Hades’s skeletons. Hades had planned that his skeletons couldn’t swim and had his own tricks up his sleeve.

Final History Essay

This is a different essay because it is the last essay of this course. I have to write about 2 or 3 of the most important lessons that I have taken from this course. This will be shorter because I have less to say.

  1. Business lessons. Many of the inventors that I have learned about have had many problems getting their inventions out there. None of them just had an idea and became a millionaire overnight. They had to overcome people stealing their ideas even if it was patented. Some of them went bankrupt because of this cause. Now I know that if me or you ever invent something to be prepared for things to go wrong. 
  1. Your idea is not bad. People may say that it is but it probably isn’t. So no matter what people say just keep pushing through. You could publish your idea and everyone says that it could never work. But it can! So many of the inventors had criticism, and they accepted it and made their idea better. If people say this and that won’t work, then improve those places and make it better.  And have fun. No matter what you make, just have fun with it. If you have read my Sir Mows a Lot page, it doesn’t have to be practical. It just has to work. 

  These are 2 things that I have taken from this course. By the way, if you haven’t taken this course, you should definitely check it out.